Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 2
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Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 2

Have you started your anti-aging routine? No worries! In this Chinese New Year, Herborist offers you a Dual-Cream Set and a facial cleanser with best wishes!

- Time Reverse Anti-aging Day Cream

- Time Reverse Anti-aging Night Cream 

- Imperial Wu-Xing Facial Cleanser

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Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 5
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Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 5

If you pursue a high quality skincare experience, this premium lucky bag will realize your desire. You cannot delete serum and eye cream in your daily skincare routine. Meanwhile, it would be better to have a cream only used overnight.

- Imperial Wu-Xing Serum

- Time Reverse Anti-aging Eye Cream

- Imperial Wu-Xing Night Cream

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Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 4
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Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 4

A good skin care habit cannot miss eye care and weekly mask care. Also, do not hesitate to add a toner in your routine, which will keep your skin fresh and ready for the following products.

- Imperial Wu-Xing Eye Cream

- Time Reverse Anti-aging Mask

- Imperial Wu-Xing Toner

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Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 3
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Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 3

A set with Herborist distinctive products is full of our love and thanks. Let’s purify our face and eye in the New Year and give our hands a soft care.

- T’ai Chi Mask

- Silky All-day Cleansing Foam

- Silky All-day Eye Gel

- Intensive Hand Cream

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Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 1
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Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 1

Herborist provides this primary lucky bag to cover your basic needs of skin and hand care in the winter.

- Time Reverse Anti-aging Toner

- Silky All-day Moisturizing Facial Cream

- Crystal Hand Mask

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2020 Xmas Hydration Gift Set (Limited Edition)

To face the end of year festivities in style, bet on a well hydrated skin. The moisturizer silky hydrates and nourishes deeply while strengthening the barrier hydrolipidic skin. Composed with a scented candle, light and warm up your winter.

Price €38.00

Imperial Wu-Xing Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser

Formulated with a unique complex of Chinese plants to restore the balance of the skin. The soft and airy foam gently washes out dirt and purifies the skin leaving it refreshed and soft without over-drying. Skin is smooth and silky.

Price €32.00

Time Reverse Anti-Aging Day Cream

Total anti-aging skincare that nourishes and firms the skin, smooths wrinkles and boosts radiance. Its star active ingredient, Rhodiola Sacra, triggers collagen and elastin production mechanisms that work on wrinkle repair and firming skin respectively.

Price €56.00

Time Reverse Anti-Aging Eye Cream

This eye cream targets the 3 main concerns of the eye area: wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Its gentle, creamy texture boasts a potent trio of herbs that deliver anti-aging action: Rhodiola Sacra, Ganoderma Lucidum and Fragrant Solomon's Seal. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, puffiness and signs of fatigue are diminished, restoring all the vibrancy to the eyes!

Price €53.00

Time Reverse Anti-aging Facial Mask

This gel-like mask is formulated with blend of Chinese Medicine plants extracts, like sea buckthorn oils and motherwort herb extracts. It soothes and nourishes to help skin hold in moisture.

Price €49.00

Imperial Wu-Xing Collection

The Herborist Imperial Wu-Xing line formulation is inspired by the Wu-Xing theory to adapt the natural power to beauty care. The skin has its cycle of metabolism to have a long lasting healthy look - elastic, radiant, smooth, etc. With age, environment and health conditions evolution, this cycle is damaged and the skin ages.

Price €39.90

Imperial Wu-Xing Rejuvenating Eye Cream

The texture is unctuous and light and penetrates quickly, ideal for reducing puffiness. Highly technological formula, active ingredient are encapsulated, is assimilated quickly, efficiently and in a targeted way by the skin. Based on the complex of 5 plants and minerals acting against the natural mechanisms of aging skin, the formula is enriched in tocopherol, vitamin E, powerful antioxidant that protects the cell membranes, oxidation, responsible for premature aging. The Regenerating Eye Cream revitalizes the eye contour, and regenerates the fine skin of this delicate area. With regular use, the look is rested and radiant, for a visibly rejuvenated skin.

Price €65.00
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