T'ai Chi

T’ai Chi – Rebalancing

Yin and Yang are the fundamental elements of Tao. These two indissociable poles are, like the masculine and the feminine, the white and the black, the full and the empty, the sun and the moon, strong symbols of complementarity and absolute harmony. Designed as a real experience of well-being and serenity, the double mask T'ai Chi draws its strength from this ancestral precept of Chinese culture. The pair of red and white peonies at the heart of its formulation highlights the holistic harmony of inner well-being and outer beauty.

T'ai Chi

T’ai Chi Masks

T'ai Chi Masks symbolizes perfectly Herborist philosophy: find and maintain the balance inside to be visible outside. On the model of Yin Yang, it is composed of 2 masks with complementary virtues, each containing more than 20 active ingredients from plants.

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