Silky – Rehydrating

Good moisturization is the key to beautiful, healthy skin. That is why it is so important to fight dehydration, which makes your skin feel tight and lack suppleness. Moisturizing your skin strengthens the natural barrier that protects it against external stress factors. At the heart of the rehydrating Silky line: bamboo orchid, considered to be one of the most precious plants in traditional Chinese medicine. Boasting a synergy of plants renowned for their moisturizing and nourishing properties, the products in the Silky line are like a day-long moisture bath for your skin. Skin is deeply rehydrated and as soft as silk.


Xmas Hydration Gift Set (Limited Edition)

To face the end of year festivities in style, bet on a well hydrated skin. The moisturizer silky hydrates and nourishes deeply while strengthening the barrier hydrolipidic skin. Composed with a scented candle, light and warm up your winter.

Price €38.00

Silky All-day Moisturizing Eye Gel

This gel uses the silky moisturizing complex—extracts of bamboo orchid, Chinese Yam, Chinese foxglove and asparagus cochinchinensis—teamed with Vitamin E and Aloe vera to reinforce the antioxidant defense system of the skin. Its decongestant "ice" effect immediately targets puffiness to soothe, refresh and brighten the eyes.

Price €31.50

Silky All-day Moisturizing Facial Cream

To take care of dry skin, Herborist concentrated a number of highly nourishing active ingredients in a rich yet non-greasy texture. Special oils—jojoba, coconut, shea and olive—support the 4 plants of the Silky moisturizing complex—Nobile Orchid, Chinese Yam, Chinese Foxglove and Asparagus Cochinchinensis. Skin is deeply nourished, plumped and brighter.

Price €37.95

Silky All-day Softening Cleansing Foam

An essential step in your beauty routine! This dense, light foam envelops the skin for effective cleansing. Precious plant extracts—Nobile Orchid, Asparagus Cochinchinensis, Chinese Foxglove and Dioscorea Opposita—are diffused, leaving skin supple, fresh and healthy. Its unique formula works miracles on all skin types: gently purified, the skin is silky soft and ready for the daily beauty routine.

Price €22.00

Discovery Moisturizing Kit

Herborist draws on the age-old wisdom of Chinese medicine to develop its exceptional products with a subtle blend of traditional knowledge and the most innovative formulas in cosmetics today. Herborist skincare encourages us to rethink our beauty habits: slow down, take time to establish a good beauty routine and create daily RITUALS to meet our needs. Drawing on the wealth of natural resources available in China, Herborist offers a holistic vision of beauty: inner wellness and external beauty are in harmony, skin is healthy and balanced. This kit of Herborist beauty essentials is the perfect way to Discover the most precious plants in the Chinese pharmacopoeia: 3 complementary skincare products for dry skin, including the iconic t’ai chi masks—your detox partner for your beauty routine.

Price €16.00

Silky All-day Moisturizing Lazy Beauty Facial Mask

Perfect for the lazy! This moisturizing mask can be used like a classic mask for a quick radiance boost, or left on all night for an intensive treatment. A genuine protective shield, it envelops the skin to provide long-lasting moisturization. Its secret? To boost the efficacy of the 4 moisturizing plants in the Silky complex, Herborist added extracts of Sea buckthorn Berry Oil, a rare and precious essence rich in vitamins for a healthy glow. The fresh and light gel texture of the Silky Lazy Beauty Facial Mask soothes the skin and leaves it as soft as a baby.

Price €33.95

Silky All-day Moisturizing Facial Fluid

Contrary to popular belief, combination and oily skin also need moisturization. For these skin types, Herborist has developed a lightweight fluid that instantly moisturizes the skin without smoothering it. Rice grain extracts, known for their mattifying properties, were teamed with the 4 moisturizing plants of the Silky complex—Nobile Orchid, Asparagus Cochinchinensis, Chinese Foxglove and Dioscorea Opposita. It quenches the skin without weighing it down.

Price €37.95
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