Color Control

Color Control – Brightening

For centuries, Asian women have sought to find the plants that will give their skin that soft glow and harmonious complexion so revered in the West. Herborist invites you to discover the power of this science at the heart of its Color Control Skintone Perfector Mask with a combination of seven carefully selected plants used in traditional Chinese medicine for their dermatological virtues. Ingredients include hyacinth orchid and pearl powder, used by the women of the Forbidden City who were convinced they held the secret to the Empress's bright and radiant complexion.

Color Control

Color Control Skintone Perfector Mask

Drawing on the wealth of natural resources available in China, Herborist offers a holistic vision of beauty: inner wellness and external beauty are in harmony, skin is healthy and balanced. With this "CC" mask, a modern interpretation of an age-old beauty remedy, Herborist reveals the secret to the flawless Asian complexion. Hyacinth orchid, teamed with 6 precious plants, evens skin tone and deeply nourishes the skin. At the heart of this skin tone perfector mask with a soft, thick texture, Herborist added Pearl powder, rich in essential amino acids, which stimulates cell renewal for radiant, healthy skin. Your skin is even, soft and luminous: the CC mask is the first Step in the beauty routine.

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